Advertise With Us

Over 3000 copies of Unicorn Magazine are distributed free of charge every quarter, and hence is an ideal way of getting your product, service, band or gig in front of a relevant and targetted audience.

For full details of the shapes, sizes and types of advertisements avaibable within the magazine (including our new colour prices), simply download our Media Pack (approx. 20Mb PDF) by clicking here or on the thumbnail opposite.

If you have any queries re advertising (or want to discuss a special option such as advertorial, or a particular place within the magazine, place a custom size advert etc), then please feel free to contact us at any time.

Advert templates
To help you produce your adverts at the correct size, with the correct bleed, safe areas etc, we have prepared a set of pre-formatted templates in a variety of common software formats. Click here for more information and to download them >>

Advert design service
We provide a full set of design services to help you put together a professional, eye catching and effective advert. Simply send us your content, photos, logos etc and tell us which size and aspect ad you want – for £20.00 per ad we will then produce your print ready artwork... no more worrying about file formats, correct sizing etc. Contact us for more details >>

Gallery advert service
For those who want a slightly cheaper advert design service than the custom offering above, we also offer a range of ready-made 'Gallery' adverts, pre-designed and ready for your content. To view the gallery of available designs and to see how this service might work for you, please visit the Gallery Advert page here.

Advert 'Helpdesk' service
We are committed to making the booking, creation and technical aspets of producing your ad artwork as simple as possible, whilst ensuring that your ad has the best return on your investment. If you have any queries, from the smallest to the most complex, we are always here to help. Just contact us at any time and one of our 'Helpdesk' staff will help you out.

Alternatively, contact Clive directly to ask his advice: email him here or call him on 0777 1822414.

Payment for ads can be sent to our postal address, or via online banking as below:

  • Sort code: 779511
  • Account No: 48621063
  • Bank: Lloyds TSB
  • Name: Unicorn Magazine