Useful Resources

Here you will find links to lots of useful resources, invaluable for advertisers, contributors, etc. If there is anything you need that is not present, please contact us at any time.

Click on any of the links below to download a file, or visit the relevant page:

Unicorn Magazine Media Pack:
A vital document if you are thinking of advertising in the magazine – contains full sizes, possible positions and costs of adverts, plus some handy hints on artwork preparation. 


Unicorn general information forms:
A way of sending us any of your information, updates, contributions etc.

Contact Details:
If your contact details change please let us know:

Club and event details for inclusion in the diary pages in the centre of the magazine:

Morris Diary:
Details of morris dancing activities:

Let us know where and when your sessions are. As sessions come and go we would like regular confirmation that your sessions are still running:

Shall We Dance:
Tell us about your ceilidh, barn and folk dances that are open to the public:

Our Dropbox
We have placed most of our commonly accessed documents (including all the ones above, current/back issues of all the magazines/posters etc) onto our Dropbox account for easy download. Visit it here >>

Useful services / software:

A great free web-based file transfer servide (for large ad artwork, photos etc). You can send us up to 2Gb files for free! 

Another fantastic resouce for sending files that are too large to email. The basic 'Starter' account is completely free: